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Conditions of Use

We offer for sale a comprehensive range of cartographical materials, predominantely maps, posters and globes. Prior to ordering please read our General Trade Conditions. We are always at our customers’ disposal and wish to provide the best possible service.

  • A customer order becomes a contractual sale effective with delivery of the ordered products (Declaration of Acceptance), unless National Geographic Maps staff have expressly declared prior acceptance. The electronic confirmation of an order does not constitute a declaration of acceptance.

  • Prices. National Geographic Maps invoices customers using the prices valid at time of ordering. Valid prices are shown in our electronic catalogue, but they subject to change without notice. Prices include the VAT lawfully valid at the time of the sale. For deliveries abroad postage and package is charged for countries as listed below, while respective charges for countries not listed will be included in the order confirmation prior to delivery.

    We would like our products to reach the customer as quickly and dependably as possible and for everything to be received undamaged. We charge a flat rate for transport costs to each country or group of countries. The transport charges depend on the size of the shipment.

    The shipping cost includes strong, secure packaging for maps and globes, insured shipping and tracking.

    We will send you the shipping cost for sending large materials out of Europe, larger than 80 x 110cm, upon request.

     Category I  Category II  Category III  Category IV  Category V


     Folded maps  Tubed maps, globes   Tubed maps,  Mounted Boards  Mounted Boards XXL 

     Travel guides  Pinnboards up to  longer than 110cm  from 80 x 110cm  from 100 x 140cm

     Atlases/books  80 x 110 cm  Up to 200cm  to 100 x 140cm  to 130 x 200cm
     D   3,90 €  6,90 €  6,90 €  29,00 €  90,00 €
     EU  8,90 €  15,00 €  15,00 €  68,00 €  105,00 €
     CH/NOR/LI  15,00 €  27,00 €  47,00 €  75,00 €  185,00 €
     Russia  35,00 €  35,00 €  55,00 €  on request  on request
     Middle East/      
    Africa  40,00 €  40,00 €  60,00 €  on request  on request
     USA/Canada  35,00 €  35,00 €  55,00 €  on request  on request
     Middle and      
     South America  40,00 €  40,00 €  60,00 €  on request  on request
     New Zealand  50,00 €  50,00 €  70,00 €  on request  on request
     Asia  45,00 €  45,00 €  65,00 €  on request  on request

  • The customer has the right to return products within two weeks after they receive their order. Customers may not return damaged products if they caused the damage themselves by improper treatment or handling. If the products were not manufactured properly, though, the customer may return them for full credit. Special, custom work for the customer, such as special framing and lamination, cannot be returned for credit unless there were manufacturing defects.

    Cancellation policy

    Customer’s right to return products or cancel order

    The customer has the right to return products and cancel the order for two weeks after receipt of goods. The customer must state in writing, using mail, fax or e-mail, the reason for the cancellation of the order and return of the product. The customer must return the products to receive credit. Credit will be issued after National Geographic Maps has received and inspected the return. National Geographic Maps will manage the refund following German law. Our duties and responsibilities are described in §312c Abs. 2 BGB (Burgerliche Gesetzbuch) in association with §1 Abs. 1, 2 and 4 BGB-InfoV as well as §312e Abs. 1 Satz 1 BGB in association with §3 BGB-InfoV. Our responsibilities begin after we receive the Customer’s written statement requesting the cancellation of the order. National Geographic Maps must be given notice if products were damaged during transport.

    The cancellation should be sent to:

    Interkart GmbH
    Ladestrasse 16
    D-22955 Hoisdorf
    fax: 0049 4107 4058

    Consequences of cancellation

    Please contact National Geographic Maps if you wish to make a return. Call us or e-mail before you send any order back. National Geographic Maps will be happy to discuss the easiest method for returning the product. The customer will receive a full refund for the returned items when done in a timely and secure manner. The best way to be sure of getting a full refund is to contact National Geographic Maps first.

    The customer must ship the return using the original packaging or its equivalent. Strong packing materials are needed to protect the products on their return. The customer is responsible for using proper packaging materials and must pay the return shipment fees. National Geographic Maps will take the risk that the package will arrive in good condition, but only if the customer has correctly packed the parcel.

    The customer must pay the freight charge to return the products unless the total value of the products is less than 40 Euros. If the value is under 40 Euros, National Geographic Maps will pay the freight charge, but please contact us first to determine the best shipping method.

    End of cancellation policy

  • Delivery – Consignments will be delivered as quickly as possible to meet your requirements. Goods in stock will be delivered without delay, but goods not in stock will be shipped when suppliers make them available. National Geographic Maps may partially ship your order when we have stock for some but not all products. If National Geographic Maps makes a partial delivery because some goods are not in stock, we will not charge the customer extra postage for shipping. All deliveries are subject to availability at the time the order is placed, especially in case of limited editions. National Geographic Maps will choose the shipping method. At the present, we ship using UPS Standard / DHL. If special deliveries are required, additional expenses are to be borne by the customer.

  • Payment – The customer must pay in advance before National Geographic Maps will ship the order. The customer has the choice between payment by credit card, Pay Pal, or bank transfer. We accept credit card payment using VISA, American Express, Eurocard and Mastercard. Exceptions are possible, so please enquire if you cannot pay in advance.

  • Manufacturing defects – In case the goods are deficient due to manufacturing or material defaults, the customer may request a substitution, if available, or renumeration of the purchase price. Further liabilities and claims for compensation such as but not limited to damages for detention are excluded. Deficiencies are to be claimed in writing immediately upon receipt of the consignment. Return of goods not to be effected without our prior consent and if approved by us to be effected on basis free house while postage will be refunded to customer.

  • Property Reservation – Goods remain our property until accounts receivable are fully paid. In case of default payment we are entitled to cancel the contract and request immediate return of the goods at customers’ risk and expense.

Place of Fulfilment & Jurisdiction – The Place of Fulfilment for all accounts receivable and jurisdiction in case of any dispute is the city of Ahrensburg. German Law will apply.

Our contact data:

INTERKART Landkarten & Globen GmbH
Ladestraße 16
D-22955 Hoisdorf (Germany)
PH +49 (0)4107 5676
FX +49 (0)4107 4058

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